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The camping on the way to the 5 Terre

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The Camping Albero D'Oro is located in Levanto (SP) in Liguria, in the Riviera di Levante, in the National Park of 5 Terre . 

Being located 300m from the Levanto railway station and 800m from the town center and the beach, its location makes it ideal for reaching the 5 Terre and the Gulf of Tigullio and at the same time allows you to relax thanks to the flat area surrounding shyness. 

The town of Levanto, overlooking a large bay and is surrounded by green hills covered with vineyards and olive trees. 

Levanto is also close to other important tourist destinations such as Portofino with the Gulf of Tigullio, Genoa with its historical center and the Aquarium, Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi in Versilia, Florence and its mesei.

All are reachable by car in less than an hour except Florence which takes about an hour and 45 minutes.

Also of Genoa and Pisa airports are easily accessible from Levanto taking about an hour either by car or by train; for those who want you can book a shuttle service to the airport transfer by contacting the following website

Tourist season starts in March and lasts till October, tourists here can 'choose an alternative holiday, as the geographical conditions of Levanto offers interesting solutions: you can opt for the classic beach holiday or choose to face the walk along the paths of the valley , passing through the villages on the hills above Levanto, perhaps enjoying, between one village and another, the typical products of the area. 

For lovers of two wheels, Levanto offers a wide range of trails for both mountain bike for road bike. Moreover, in 2011, was inaugurated the cycle path (including pedestrian) that connects Levanto Framura passing for Bonassola , using the disused railway line that overlooks the sea giving you the chance to admire a beautiful landscape and perhaps discover hidden beaches that were previously accessible only by boat. 

Recently became Levanto famous for the activity of surfing, attracting fans and athletes from all over and it is also the home of the world championships "Bear Pro World Longboard 2011."


Bicycle path Levanto-Bonassola-Framura

pista ciclabile

Little gem of a site with friendly staff
Little gem of a site with friendly staff
Stayed there for a few nights during mid October. Very welcoming staff and all the amenities one would expect. Washrooms etc were all clean with plenty of hot water. Camp site is about a 10 to 15 minute stroll from the town / beach, this is actually an advantage as you don’t hear the church bells which ring 24/7 quite so much at night.
Stayed 3 nights staff nice and friendly
Stayed 3 nights staff nice and friendly
Stayed 3 nights staff nice and friendly. Small site but everything lovely and clean. Easy walk to train for the 5 towns of cinque terra.
Quiet little campsite
Quiet little campsite
Quiet little campsite shaded by trees. Good shower/toilet facilities
Very friendly camping
Very friendly camping
Very friendly camping, good prices, free wifi