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Levanto is a small town of 6500 inhabitants, where you can 'find everything you need for a pleasant holiday: there are bars and shops, restaurants and pizzerias, local markets and supermarkets as well as two theaters: the country is more' big between Sestri Levante and La Spezia.

Levanto one time it was a popular holiday resort: among its most famous guests can remember Benito Mussolini and the Agnelli family, which still you can 'see the splendid villa with its huge park and, in testimony of the glorious past, is the palace of the Casino, now used as a ballroom and bar.




Bonassola is a popular beach resort near Levanto but with the characteristics of a small village, although different in nature from 5 Terre. 

During the winter does not happen practically nothing and only the arrival of tourists in the summer changes a little 'environment . 

For those looking for a little 'quiet and prefers to stay out of the most frantic, Bonassola is the ideal place to spend their holidays in a few minutes, by train, you can reach Levanto and 5 Terre. 

Has recently been inaugurated the bike path Levanto Bonassola- Framura enabling residents to travel 10 minutes to Levanto or Framura through a truly unique setting.




Framura, unlike other villages, is composed of five villages that starting from an altitude of 300mt above sea level, reaching 100m above sea level, namely Costa, Setta and Anzo that are the biggest and then there are Castagnola and Ravecca counting a total of about 800 inhabitants. 

Territory is part of the National Park of 5 Terre and its coastlines are high and rugged coastline typical of Liguria.
A differernza other coastal towns, where the town center is just a few steps from the sea, but here is located in the village of Set to 200 m above sea level, where are located the town shops and bars.





The 5 Terre are those small fishing villages located between Levanto and La Spezia within the 5 Terre National Park ; question of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

Here it all: colorful houses attached to each other, small squares with a few trees, colorful boats scattered, narrow lanes with steep stairs that climb the hills covered with olive groves, vines and lemon trees, overlooking the Ligurian Sea trails . the value of these places is that they are been free to the wild speculation of the Italian coast, still retaining the old time flavors of the Mediterranean. Practically in these villages most of the streets are closed to traffic and the only links to move from village to village are the railroad or the paths. Today the 5 Terre is one of the main tourist destinations not only Italian, but worldwide; to cite one example, major international tourist guides include at least 2- 3 days in these places, as much as for Rome, Florence or Venice and this has created an overcrowding in the periods of greatest influx of tourists.



Bicycle path Levanto-Bonassola-Framura

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